Certificate in Missions

  • Duration: 1-2 Years
  • Format: Distance Education

This certificate is designed for those who desire to study in the various schools of Global University but do not necessarily wish to study for a degree. However, all of the credits earned for this certificate can be transferred to a degree program and this certificate can serve as the first step towards working on a GUC diploma or degree.

The Canadian Global Certificate in Missions consists of 15 courses comprising 43 credits.

This certificate qualifies the graduate for the PAOC Recognition of Ministry credential.

Program of Study with Recommended Sequence

Course Code Course Name Credits
BIB 2043 Principles of Biblical Interpretation 3
COM 3103 Cross-Cultural Communications 3
THE 1013 Pneumatology 3
Total 9
Course Code Course Name Credits
REL 2013 or MIS 4063 People and Their Beliefs or Missions Practicum 3
THE 2013 The Bible and the Church 3
MIN 1053 Work of the Pastor 3
Total 9
Course Code Course Name Credits
MIS 1023 Introduction to Missions 3
MIS 2013 The Bible and Missions 3
THE 1043 Man and Sin 3
Total 9
Course Code Course Name Credits
EDU 4363 Canadian Pentecostal History 3
MIN 3043 Preparing and Preaching Bible Messages 3
MIN 1103 Great Commission Strategies 3
Total 9
Total for Program 43