Why You Should Start a Global University Study Group

By: Admin | Posted on: 03 January 2023

Some people thrive with distance learning, but others struggle with the lack of face-to-face interactions. If you are one of the latter, you could benefit from starting a Global University study group at your local church.

Global University explains the benefits of starting a study group.

What Is a Study Group?

The Global University study group program allows students to create a local study group at their local church, so that they and fellow church members can take courses with an approved facilitator.

This creates more of a classroom-like setting where you and other church members can learn and study together while completing coursework.

Study Group Benefits

There are numerous benefits to starting a study group at your church, from simply learning in a more engaging setting to monetary discounts.


Being in a study group allows you and other church members to meet face-to-face in a more classroom-like environment, which is a great benefit to those who struggle with isolated learning. You will have other classmates to discuss ideas, lessons, homework, and scripture, and socialize with.

You also surround yourself with a positive group of people who share similar goals and interests, and you can encourage one another.


Having other classmates go through a course with you can be a great way to stay on track. You and your study group will be able to keep each other accountable with coursework and studies and make finishing assignments together an enjoyable task.

Study Group Portal

Each study group will have access to its own Berean Study Group Portal, which allows access to students’ records, and lets you make online requests on behalf of your study group.

Class Discussions

Rather than reviewing lessons alone, you can have stimulating class discussions where you are exposed to new ideas and viewpoints and where you can further dive into lesson content together. 

Group Discounts

Study groups receive a 20% discount on tuition and course materials. You will also receive a discount of approximately 7% on the shipping of materials.

Study Group Approval

If you are looking to create a study group, contact your local Assemblies of God Church. Any study group created through an Assemblies of God church will receive instant approval. If you are going through a church not affiliated with the Assemblies of God, you can still be approved. But approval will take up to two months.

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Global University Study Groups

If you have a passion for ministry and serving, take it to the next level with a degree or certificate from Global University.

Global University offers correspondence learning for students to prepare for ministry wherever they are and study group opportunities for students who want an engaging classroom environment. Enroll today and join a group of like-minded individuals looking to expand their knowledge of God’s Word. 

Contact us today to request more information about applying and the degree programs available.

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