3 Benefits of Getting a Certificate Through Global University

By: Admin | Posted on: 07 October 2022

At Global University, we offer several different certificates students can obtain by completing the required coursework. All of our undergraduate certificates have different criteria, ranging from 15 to 30 hours of required classes in various areas of study.


The certificates we offer include the following:



Students often wonder about the benefits of pursuing a certificate. Here are just a few:


1. It Takes Less Time than a Degree


Getting an undergraduate degree takes a significant amount of time, which many working adults don’t have. If you already have a career in a ministry field or want to learn more about ministry while you continue working in your current field, a certificate might be a great option. You will get the essential courses you need to develop a better understanding of the Bible and pursue your ministry career at a speed that works for you.


2. Certificates Can Enhance a Current Degree


If you already have an undergraduate degree, a certificate is an excellent way to gain new, specialized knowledge in an area you are interested in. If you work in a general area of ministry but are looking to move into a more specialized focus, a certificate might offer the training you need to make the move. For instance, if you are already a pastor at a church but would like to help more with Christian counseling services, you could take the necessary classes to achieve our undergraduate certificate in pastoral counseling.


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3. You Will Broaden Your Knowledge of Ministry


You can never learn enough about God’s Word and how to use it to help those around you. Many people are lifelong learners. Although they have entered a career field, they always want to know more, especially those working in ministry. The more you study the Bible and seek to understand it, the better you are at witnessing to those around you.


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