Diploma in Bible and Theology

  • Duration: 2-3 Years
  • Format: Distance Education

The Diploma in Bible and Theology requires 97 credit hours. The diploma program is a course of study that can be completed in a two or three year period. This area of study can be used to meet bachelor of arts degree requirements, but this approach is not recommended.

The Diploma in Bible and Theology is focused upon biblical/theological education. It offers basic training for practical Christian service. This program satisfies the educational requirements for the PAOC Licensed Minister’s Credential.

Students should take the courses in Sequences One and Two first in order to qualify for their initial ROM credential as quickly as possible.

Program of Study with Recommended Sequence

Course Code Course Name Credits
LIT 1313† The New Testament as Literature 3
BIB 2033† A Study in the Book of Hebrews 3
HIS 2203 The Church: From Pentecost to the Reformation 3
BIB 4053† Corinthians 3
Ministry Formation Elective 3
Total 15
Course Code Course Name Credits
THE 4033† Christology 3
BIB 3073† The Book of Acts 3
MIN 1093 Introduction to Pastoral Counseling 3
MIN 4033 A Strategy for Church Growth 3
MIS 3023 Introduction to Islam 3
Total 15
Course Code Course Name Credits
COM 3103 Cross-Cultural Communications 3
BIB 4133† Wisdom Literature 3
THE 2033 Eschatology 3
MIN 1063 Ministerial Ethics 3
LDR 4103 Managing Conflict 3
Total 15
Total For Program 97
Requirement Credits
1. Bible and Theology Post Test 0
2. Written Essay 0
3. Verbal Communication Recording 0
4. Graduate Follow-Up Survey 0

† designates courses in the major concentration

Note: This program is offered as a Diploma in Christian Theology in some countries. This program requires students to complete a Bible and Theology pretest and Graduate Follow-Up Survey. The pretest must be completed before students request the final exam for their first course. The Graduate Follow-Up Survey should be submitted before requesting the final exam for their last course. There is no cost for these assessments.