The Christian Right’s influence on Canadian politics

Election time must be soon - CBC is wanting to tell us how horrible Christians are. Remember their attack on Stockwell Day in 2000? The academics, the legal profession and the media (ALM) - can't believe Christians are still in Canada in 2019. Or, at least Christians who still believe

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Protecting the vulnerable

In challenging economic times, many governments are either eliminating or considering the removal of the tax credit for charitable donations. Several countries such as Austria, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland have removed the tax benefit.  In Canada, removing the tax credit would translate to more than $6 billion being available

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10 predictions about the future Church and shifting attendance patterns

Throwback - This story garnered a lot of attention when it was published originally on January 25, 2016. Does it still hold true for today? Every generation experiences change. But sometimes you sense you’re in the midst of truly radical change, the kind that happens only every few centuries. Increasingly, I think

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