The Heaston Horizon - 2017 Year End Report

By: Admin | Posted on: 22 December 2017

Assemblies of God Missionaries with Global University

Hard Place — God’s Grace

Global University’s goal by 2020 is to train students to plant 30,000 churches, the majority of which will be in hard places all over the world. They have already planted more than 10,000 Upper Rooms across Central Eurasia alone.

Add in 15,549 more churches planted by students and alums trained by Global University across the rest of the world and the number of churches planted since 2010 is 27,549. That’s 85.1% of Global’s goal (30,000) and there are 2 years yet to go!

As Assemblies of God missionaries we know we are linked to an epic ministry. Our partnership with missions-minded churches, individuals, and business leaders is also epic because together we are training workers to plant churches in “Hard Places by God’s Grace.” We sincerely appreciate your support and prayers. We promise you’ll hear more inspiring kingdom building success stories in 2018.

Conversions to Christ Update 

The last available statistics indicate that 1,207,995 people have received Christ as Savior this year through the ministry of Global University and its students. In just over a month we received reports that 3,650 more people have given their lives to Jesus as their Saviors. The total number of conversions to Christ through the evangelism efforts of Global University has now reached 3,582,942!