Tuition and Fees

Global University in Canada provides an affordable alternative for quality ministry training, offering accredited courses in a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Use the tables below to view our current fees.

Undergraduate Fees

Item Fee
Application Fee $55.00
Tuition per Credit Hour $151.25
3-Credit Course $453.75
Undergraduate Application Reactivation Fee $55.00
Program Evaluation $55.00
Change Major Fee $55.00
Course Re-enrollment Full Tuition
Exam Late/Replacement $27.50
Exam Retake $55.00
Graduation Application $55.00 plus S&H
Expediting $55.00
Individual Audit Fee $165.00 plus text book, plus S&H
Transcript $27.50
Evaluation Of Experience-based Learning Per Course $55.00
Tuition for Exp-based Learning per credit $151.25
Undergraduate Capstone Paper Submission $110.00

Graduate Fees

Item Fee
Application Fee $82.50
Tuition per Credit Hour $330.00
3-credit Course $990.00
Reactivation Fee $82.50
Program Evaluation $55.00
Change Program Fee $55.00
Course Withdrawal $27.50
Graduation Fee $82.50
Thesis Administration Fee $1,100.00
Thesis Binding Fee $82.50
Capstone Paper Submission $214.50

Refund and Cancellation Policy

*Note: Global University in Canada strives to develop instructional materials and programs that will be completely satisfactory to the students who enroll with us. However, if it is necessary for a student to discontinue studying a GUC course, the following refund policy will apply: ‘You may cancel your enrollment within five (5) days after midnight of the day on which you signed the enrollment agreement (Subject Enrollment Card). If you cancel your enrollment during this time, you will be given a complete refund of all money paid.’